Trying to figure it out

I have been working on and off on my first novel, and it has been rough. I only have around 14,000 words, but the story doesn’t seem to be working. This has left me at a crossroads. Should I plow through the rest of this supposed plot, or scrap it and start over from the original short story?

My original story, “My Co-Pilot, Jessica Tandy,” is the cornerstone for my hopeful book. An earlier version of it was published in 2016 as part of Storgy’s short story anthology, and an updated version is a quarterfinalist for Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Contest, so it has gotten some notice. I know there is a story to tell. I am just stuck at what.

So a brief synopsis of the story. Tandy Buchanan, the protagonist, is an up-and-coming comedienne with mental issues and suicidal tendencies. Her voice of reason and imaginary friend is Jessica Tandy, who has been dead for over 20 years. So there you have it. Where to go next?

As of now, I am looking at her past (age 12 and up) and seeing her mental health deteriorate. That is not working. It feels forced. My new possible path involves focusing on Tandy as an adult and her dealing with her celebrity world and her “insanity.” Readers in workshops I have attended have wanted me to focus on the adult side of her. I may be heading that way.

So now what? Scrap about 9,000 words (saved on standby,) or keep going. Thoughts?

Random First Post

Soooo… I feel so lazy. I can’t seem to work on my short stories or novel, exercise, eat healthy, do dishes, or just do anything. It seems that I only focus on my job (teacher) and remaining a clean person. In fact,  most of my evenings look like this (minus the blog page):


First, let’s put a face to this post. Yeah, I know it is silly, but I recently discovered Snapchat.


So now I am on here, trying to write a blog post while hoping for a miracle.

Reasoning for Blog Post

  1. Trying to jumpstart my creativity
  2. Keep from falling asleep on the couch
  3. Combat boredom
  4. It’s the thing to do. (Not so sure about this one…)

I should probably have more, but this is all I could think of.

It is kind of fun to sit here, writing whatever comes in my head. The dogs, Libby and Idgie, keep staring at me. I am not sure why.


(Idgie is kind of hard to see.)

Anyway, this year has been interesting in the writing field. I got my first short story published and wrote three more stories. This is a major thing for me. You can read the magazine issue, STORGY Short Story Anthology Vol. 2, on Amazon. That was an accomplishment.


Screen shot of cover art for my 1st published story

I may publish one or two on here just to get them to the masses and to allow for commentary and such. I love writing short stories, but lately, I have been just stuck. No stories. No imagination. It is not fun enough about that.

I know that this post seems all over the place, but that is how my brain is right now. Hopefully, I can jumpstart the old creativity centers. This blog should help.

If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know. 🙂